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Downsizing does not mean downgrading, it means freedom of lifestyle. No more gardens to mow, pools to clean or old properties to maintain.

We have noticed a trend among established soon-to-be-retirees moving purely as a lifestyle choice – from the quiet upmarket suburbs where they brought up their families to luxury apartments in vibrant inner-city locations where all the action, culture and dining opportunities are right on their doorstep.

The vast majority continue to look for properties that offer high security while they travel abroad and low maintenance living with an array of amenities and benefits to enjoy, without the worry of maintenance. Downsizing to apartment living is fast becoming the normal pathway for countless soon to be retired Australians, with many seeking to secure the right property early, hold it as an investment property and rent it out and then slowly make the transition over the course of a few years, leaving them plenty of stress free time to plan ahead for their retirement.

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