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This can be a perfect solution for the busy young 20 to 30 year old professional who may not want to be in a fixed location long-term, and would find it more suitable to rent a property in their desired location and also have the flexibility of moving around whilst still enjoying the benefits of becoming a property investor.

We can assist in mapping out this pathway for you so that you can gain a better understanding of what the best possible plan would be for you to achieve future and long term financial growth. Rent-vesting could be the perfect way to purchase your new property.

Benefits of Rentvesting:
  • Enter the property market sooner – allows you to enter the property market with a smaller mortgage and lower repayments
  • Live the lifestyle you want now – you can live in your preferred location
  • Build wealth – build your investment portfolio which, in turn, helps built your future wealth
  • Save for your dream home – rentvesting allow you more time to save for that dream home
  • Flexibility – have the flexibility that renting offers and move to suit your changing lifestyle
  • Tax benefits – claim interest payments on your investment property loan as a tax deduction
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