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TOTAL Property Partners has a proven record of working with reputable developers in Queensland and New South Wales with the objective of offering sound investment property opportunities to private investors—propositions that minimise risk and maximise returns.

Wealth creation through investment property is not a new idea. What is different is our process. TOTAL Property Partners works closely with professional advisors in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, with the objective of offering their clients premium investment property product which is supported by comprehensive independent research and a process which highlights the issues to be addressed when evaluating any investment property decision.

Our Mission

TOTAL Property Partners aims to present potential property investors with a proposition that minimises risk and maximises upside. We do so by applying the proven processes of TOTAL Property Group, and will work with our Partners to ensure each individual property investment for their clients is an appropriate fit in what is or will be a longer-term investment strategy for each investor.

Our goals are to:

  • Be proactive and originate investment property projects with proven promoters be they landowners, developers or builders
  • Bring to market investment property opportunities that meet investor criteria in every regard, through proven process and a commitment to effective risk management
  • Present such investment opportunities to individuals or self-managed super funds via the investor’s professional advisor, be they a financial planner, accountant, lawyer or mortgage broker
  • Have a select group of Partners that TPP work in close association with on a regular basis.

What we offer

Are you looking for comprehensively researched and quality investment properties for your clients? TOTAL Property Partners can offer you and your clients exclusive access to exciting properties situated in high growth areas: new and off-the-plan apartments, townhomes, waterfront property and prestige land and house and land packages—efficient vehicles to maximise wealth via correct property investment structures.  We commission independent analysis and research to support important considerations such as current market rentals, growth projections, location, pricing and transport.

TOTAL Property Partners ensure every individual property investment is an appropriate fit for each investor. We are committed to supporting our partners by offering:

  • the best investment properties in growth areas
  • access to independent analysis and research to make informed investment decisions
  • flexibility and independence
  • reliable local knowledge
  • individual and customised solutions
  • full disclosure of fees
  • special rates on legal services from various recognised firms
  • ongoing support.

Your Opportunity

The current economic environment, and in particular the interest rate window, makes the opportunity to work with us as a Partner rewarding in every way:

  • Improved client service
  • Comprehensively researched and quality investment properties
  • Increased revenue without increased costs
  • Consistent feedback, management and reporting as is expected and required for a significant investment decision.

Working with us

We offer simplicity and support for investors both during presale evaluation and management subsequent to purchase. Contact us today to discover how we can work together and the benefits you can bring to your valued clients.

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