Judging by the renders, this wellness centre is going to be seriously boujee, and we are ready to sign our names on the dotted line to join up. Taking over the entire rooftop, it will encompass a 25 metre magnesium pool, hot AND cold spas, a salt therapy room (we’re not sure what that is but we want in), Normatec compression devices (like the kind athletes use), hyperice recovery equipment (for cryotherapy treatment), meditation devices, an infrared sauna and a steam room.

As if all that wasn’t enough, there’s also going to be a snow room. Yes, a room of snow. An ice bath sounds truly awful to us, but we will happily dance around semi-clothed in a room where it’s snowing. Need more motivation? The new and improved multi-level gym below also feature a physiotherapy, medi-spa, co-working space, laundry service, doggy daycare and creche. TAKE. OUR. MONEY.

Originally published by the Urban List here.